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Hiring toilets is a necessary evil! However, we try to make the experience of hiring the toilets, as well as using the toilets, as pleasant as possible.


We have found that this 2+1 Toilet Unit, which consists of ladies and  gents rooms, is the perfect size for most private, outdoor functions. In the ladies side you have two toilet cubicles and in the gents you have a single cubicle as well as two urinals. Both rooms come with two sinks with hot and cold water, a soap dispenser and a hand towel dispenser as well as a huge mirror above both sinks. 


This toilet unit is suitable for a party of up to 200 guests for a period of 8 hours.


Whether they be used for weddings, birthday parties or corporate events, they are to a standard that will make you proud to have them at your party. I should know, I had them at my wedding!


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